Lily Street Quilts

Yardage Calculator

Calculate Fabric Required for Borders, Backing and Binding

Begin by entering the width and length of the quilt top (in inches). Be sure to take your measurements across the center of the quilt top. If measurements at the edges differ from those at the center, ease the borders while sewing. This helps to square up the quilt top and keep the borders from being wavy.

Select a border style and enter your planned border widths and fabric widths. If not calculating yardage required for borders, set the border widths to 0.


Straight or Mitered

Inner Border*:

Middle Border*:

Outer Border*:



Fabric Required:

0 for Inner Border.

Dimensions with inner border: 45" x 54"

0 for Middle Border.

Dimensions with middle border: 45" x 54"

0 for Outer Border.

Dimensions with outer border: 45" x 54"

3 yards for Backing with 1 horiz. seam.

Backing dimensions: 53" x 62"

7 - 2.5" strips -- 1/2 yard for Binding***.

The number of strips is rounded up to the next whole strip.

Yardages are rounded up to the next 1/8 yard.

* Calculations add 1/2 inch to border widths for 1/4 inch seam allowances.

** Backing margin is the number of inches that the backing extends beyond the quilt top at each edge--necessary for longarm quilting.

*** Straight grain binding.