Lily Street Quilts

Print a Label

Step 1: Create your label

  • Use any word processor to create your label.

    With hundreds of fonts and images available, the possibilities for your creativity are endless. Hints: Create a Label Using Microsoft Word and Snipping Tool

  • Place your text and images on a single page.

    Want to put 2 labels on the page? No problem. If it fits on an 8" x 11" page, we'll print it. Just remember to leave space between labels for seam allowances.

  • Take a screen shot of your page.

    In Windows, you can use the free Snipping Tool accessory. There is lots of help online on how to take a screen shot.

  • Save the screen shot as a JPG or PNG image.

    Whatever tool you use to take the screen shot, it will provide an easy way to save the image.

  • When you have created your label image, continue on to Step 2 to Upload.

Step 2: Upload your label image.

  • Label image requirements:

    Max Width and Length: 768 x 1056 pixels.
    Max Size: 2.5 megabytes.
    JPG or PNG files only.

  • Browse for and choose your image on your computer.
  • Upload it to our computer.
  • When you are satisfied with your label image as it appears on the left, continue on to Step 3 to Purchase.

Step 3: Purchase your label

  • This is the Sample Label
  • To purchase your own personalized label, first Create it then Upload it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What fabric do you print the labels on?

    Your label will be printed on Mercerized Combed Cotton Broadcloth. Or, have it printed on your own fabric! Email me for details: Marci@LilyStreetQuilts.com

  • Does the printing process change the hand of the fabric?

    The feel of the fabric is unchanged by the printing process. Your label can be sewn into your top or back before quilting, just like any other block.

  • What are the care requirements of the printed label?

    Treat as you do any of your quilts--machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry on low heat.

  • Need more help?

    Happy to answer questions via email: Marci@LilyStreetQuilts.com

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